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Good in the head, good in the leggings

If the mind controls the body, the body is no less passive. Through intense presence exercises, one can learn to listen to one's body. It sends us messages about its needs, the satisfaction of which protects us from unpleasant surprises. With self-management training, you can strengthen your mind and finally be happy!

Why wear leggings during a workout?

No matter what type of leggings you wear, it is an essential part of a good workout. However, it is very important to choose your leggings carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises. So here's a short list of selection factors for you to consider when buying sports leggings to prevent deception!

Post-lockdown workout: still at home?

Whether you are an active, methodical, independent, creative or shy woman, take advantage of the post-confinement period to get out and finally choose the sport that suits you. Here are a few tips to help you gradually resume your sports habits.

Sauna sweat pants: does it really work?

Losing weight without great effort: is it really possible? That's the promise of sauna sweatpants and leggings. But in practice, are they real ways to lose weight or to dry quickly and effectively? Let's take a look!

The best sports for us, women

Most women practice sports to maintain their bodies and to feel good. But what type of sport is most practiced? What sports are recommended for us women?

How to choose your leggings for HIIT?

Sportswear is not to be chosen lightly, no matter what sport you practice. Here are our tips for choosing the right sports leggings if you practice HIIT or any other intense sport.

Add Variety with a Fitness Exercise Ball Program

Many people find exercise to be nothing more than annoying. By changing up the different fitness routines that you do, you can actually make working out more of a pleasure.

How to Improve Running Speed

During your running training, you always want to improve your performance. Here are some tips to improve your strides and pace during your running sessions.

From Fit to Flair – Leggings for every needs

With the explosion of leggings fashion, us women can now wear these comfy pants in almost any situation. But what leggings work well with what situation?