From Fit to Flair – Leggings for every needs

Let’s be real, leggings are just pajamas in disguise. They are the socially accepted comfort clothing everyone wants to wear, and with fall just around the corners, it’s about time to free them from their dresser jail cell.

With the explosion of leggings fashion in 2015, us women can now wear these comfy pants in almost any situation. But what leggings work well with what situation? To find the perfect leggings you must consider thickness, length, fit, pattern…! The right pair can make or break your day, especially your workout.

Since the market for leggings is expanding quickly, and they can be worn in nearly any situation, we are only going to focus on what you need for various workouts. Here’s what you need to consider when purchasing your next set of leggings


  • Thickness: Medium to High
  • Fit: fit or flare.
  • Length: ¾ to full length.
  • Rise: Mid to High- rise.

This is supposed to be your time to relax and your leggings should support that. With medium to high thickness and a mid to high-rise you won’t have to worry about anything extra showing during your downward dog; the length and fit will keep you warm but still allow you space to move freely.

Weight Training

  • Thickness: Medium
  • Fit: Form fitting
  • Length: Calf length
  • Rise: Mid

For those bold ladies out there throwing around weight, you’ll need a set of bold leggings to keep up. Stick to medium thickness and calf length to allow movement through deep ranges of motion, but still give your legs the ability to breath. To make up for the needed extra material try a mid-rise pant.


  • Thickness: Thin.
  • Fit: Fit or flare.
  • Length: Calf length.
  • Rise: Low.

When you’re out on the trails, or running the track, you’ll want a light weight, low rise, calf length legging that will allow your legs to breathe as the workout progresses.

Boot Camps

  • Thickness: Thin to Medium
  • Fit: Form fitting
  • Length: Calf
  • Rise: Low to Mid

Boot camps are about constant movement but not a crazy range of motion. For this choose a light weight, low to mid rise legging that will allow you get moving.

Following these guidelines will ensure your leggings are working just as hard as you are so go pull up your pants and get active.