Why wear leggings during a workout?

Who doesn’t like leggings? Even if men don’t like to wear them, they still love to watch them. Women generally love them and the dressings are full of them in all shapes and colors.
There are several types of leggings:

  • Sports leggings
  • Fitness leggings
  • Fitness leggings
  • Yoga leggings

No matter what type of leggings you wear, it is an essential part of a good workout.
However, it is very important to choose your leggings carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises. That is to say: they may be too tight; too long; too short, too sticky (not enough breathing horror), not dark enough (transparent, shameful), or simply not very pretty.
There is one rule to take into account for leggings, it is based on quality and not on quantity. We feel so good in our clothes, that we often tend to want to collect them, in all possible colors and patterns. But it’s better to have a small collection with good quality leggings than a lot of cheap clothes.
So here’s a short list of selection factors for you to consider when buying sports leggings to avoid disappointment.

Take compression into account

It’s a proven fact that good sports leggings have the characteristic of being firm and compressed to provide stability and shape, all without a feeling of discomfort.
The perfect legging rhymes between comfort and compression, which will improve blood circulation during effort and muscle recovery after training.
Not all leggings have the same degree and quality of compression.

Define what sports leggings are for

Not all sports leggings are created equal. The ones you use for running may not be suitable for yoga (running leggings are less elastic in movement than yoga leggings).
One of the main questions to ask yourself is: for which sport are my leggings intended?
If it’s running, go for a running collection.
There are 3 essential aspects to know when wearing leggings for sports:

  • The opacity of the leggings, make sure they are not transparent
  • A good support at the waist
  • Compression

For example for yoga, very tight leggings are not suitable, you will not be free to move.
You therefore need leggings adapted to the sport you practice sports, the leggings being close to the body, it also allows your coach to see if you have a bad posture.

What material should I choose for a legging during a sports session?

Not to mention the price, look at the feel to the touch. Good quality leggings are soft and silky but also breathable. The materials are mainly lycra; Spandex; cotton, synthetic or wool.
Natural fibres such as cotton retain sweat, so for sports such as running, or other sports that require a lot of effort.
Synthetic fabrics maintain their shape and are great for wicking away sweat. They also have the advantage that they dry quickly and can be washed in the washing machine without any problem.
Depending on the weather, especially if you are used to playing sports outdoors, opt for leggings with materials that breathe and absorb moisture. This will help wick away sweat more easily and keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

How to wash leggings after sport?

Machinically, we put the leggings in the washing machine, without looking at the washing precautions! And yet some materials can degrade very quickly, it is important to read the instructions. If you tend to sweat a lot, you will tend to wash them more frequently. Sometimes, some fabrics are best washed by hand.
It is important to check that the fabrics do not shrink in the tumble dryer.
If the smell of sweat persists on your leggings, you can add 100ml of white vinegar to the wash to neutralise the odour.

Comfort is more important than style

There is no one size fits all for leggings. We all have a different morphology that requires an adjustment for each one.
The size written on the label is not necessarily the one you wear with regular clothes.
Once the leggings are on you ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is the material breathable?
  • Do you make gestures without discomfort?
  • Do the leggings not stretch too much? If it does, it is because the size or the material is not adapted to your morphology.
  • Make movements that you usually do during your training.
  • Stay in the leggings for at least 10 minutes before making your decision.

Perfectly fitting leggings should be like a second skin, you should not feel it on you. If you find them comfortable, keep them on!

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How to choose the legging cut?

There are 2 major cuts, which allows you to choose according to your morphology:

  • The classic legging: it falls at the level of the ankles and covers the whole leg. There are even some models with “stirrups” that you just have to put under your heels to prevent the legging from going up.
  • Capri leggings: they fall down to half of the calf, leaving a good part of your legs bare. They are generally made of a material that promotes compression, i.e. Spandex and polyester.

It is important to choose a good pair of leggings adapted to your morphology. A well-adapted legging also allows during a sports session to have a good blood circulation, to be shapely and a certain stability. That is why it is important to choose your leggings well.

Don’t throw away your leggings if they don’t fit you anymore, it is important to know how to reuse or sell them on online second-hand platforms. If you are interested in topics related to fashion and textile reuse: https://paaradiseofbeauty.com/cest-quoi-le-slow-fashion