Good in the head, good in the leggings

With the omnipresence of the cult of appearance in contemporary society, it becomes difficult to live better with one’s image. Based on these criteria of the perfect body, the fashion industry reinforces the feeling of body dissatisfaction among the population: it is dysmorphophobia with its corollary of complex and depression.

If you find yourself too round, too tall or too short, who are you compared to? It is imperative to get out of the mould of society to feel good in your head and in your skin. Diversity is what makes the beauty and harmony. With self-management training, you can strengthen your mind and finally be happy!

Listen to your body

If the mind controls the body, the body is no less passive. Through intense presence exercises, one can learn to listen to one’s body. It sends us messages about its needs, the satisfaction of which protects us from unpleasant surprises.

How many people have not woken up one morning complaining about a physical ailment? Yet the body has already been sending signals for days. As such, knowing how to listen to your body can be learned in order to live in perfect harmony thanks to a Self-Management Training.

Find an activity to “connect to yourself”.

For a large part of our day, we’re in reactive mode. We are constantly reacting to circumstances. To better connect with our bodies, we need to take a few minutes to recharge. A good connection between mind and body is essential to lead a healthy life.

It allows you to regain control and live fully in the moment. You become much more serene and develop a less reactive attitude. This state of fullness can be achieved through sport, meditation, yoga or sophrology. It is an excellent way to combat stress.

Pamper your body

It’s important to learn to love your body. This process is accomplished through simple exercises that allow you to appreciate yourself. Among these exercises, the interview occupies an important place and can be done in several ways. It can be done in the form of a good rest. Instead of reducing it to a simple moment of sleep, rest can be enriched to maximize its benefits.

For example, it can take the form of a good massage. In addition to healing the body, this method allows you to better connect with your body and relieve stress. With a good massage session, the body is freed of all the tensions it has accumulated and is invigorated. A warm bath and a nap in a well-designed setting are just some of the ways you can pamper your body.

Highlight your favourite parts of your body

Strange as it may seem, you have to like each other before others do. If you send back into your body thoughts of dislove and rejection, this is the message that those you meet will receive. Through self-management exercises, you can learn to love your body. For example, you can start with the mirror exercise.

It consists of highlighting the parts of your body that you prefer. You must have something that others envy you. It could be your beautiful hair, your beautiful eyes, your freckles or any other part of your body. The goal of the exercise is to enjoy yourself. From a few favorite parts at first, you will be surprised one day to appreciate your whole body.

Think differently

Our thoughts poison us when they are negative. This is scientifically proven today. It is the part of us that we nourish that will grow and take over. It is therefore destructive to focus on our complexes, our so-called defects and imperfections. We must change our tendency to think negatively and to constantly question ourselves.

An observation of great men or women who have been successful shows us that they do not always meet the criteria of physical beauty imposed by society. If they were to allow their complexes to destroy them, they would remain behind the curtain. You have to regain power by turning your complexes into a strength.

Smile a lot at life

The magic of the smile has not stopped revealing its secrets. This simple gesture is one of the most powerful in that it triggers pleasant emotions and generates positive energies. It is the most effective universal means of communication. To benefit from it in terms of personal well-being, you must offer your own smile. The exercise consists of looking at yourself smiling in front of your mirror in the morning and taking the time to laugh.

With this exercise, you are sending wellness signals to your brain, which you can use throughout the day. A few positive words of gratitude or appreciation for what you have will only make you happier. Words like “Here, I’m happy, I’m fine, I feel good” are excellent examples.

Muscle your mind

A well-muscled mind reflects the image of a person with good self-esteem. The development of self-esteem involves accepting and praising your physical image and your abilities. These can be built through intellectual exercises and self-management training to help you feel good about your body.

They can include measuring your progress instead of blaming yourself and sinking into depression. It is important to never compare yourself to others. You need to become aware of your life path, your potential and your qualities.

To do this, you should put them in writing and consult them regularly. This exercise informs your mind that you have progressed in your life and that you are capable of doing more. Your confidence is strengthened and you become able to approach life with more enthusiasm.

True beauty is not what the media try to instil in us. It is a combination of a pleasant personality, positive and contagious attitudes, the transmission of happiness and well-being. Thus defined, this beauty is what makes you indispensable to your loved ones.