What clothing for yoga practice?

So you finally decided to sign up for this beginner’s yoga class and researched everything you think you need to know about yoga practice. But before you embark on your first beginner’s yoga lesson, let us remind you of one of the fundamental requirements for yoga practice: perfect training equipment. If you’re not sure what to wear for your next class, we suggest you leave your trusty sweaters behind and read on to find out what the perfect yoga outfit for women would look like.

Types of yoga clothing for women

There are many possibilities for women’s yoga clothing. From colours and styles to brands and cuts of women’s yoga clothing, there are many options that can be combined and altered to feel and look good in workout clothes. But before we look at the quality and branding of women’s yoga clothing, let’s look at these options first. What type of workout clothing is appropriate for yoga classes?

Leggings, Capris and Harlem pants

Some yogis and more advanced yoga students wear loose fitting Harlem pants during sessions. But if you are taking your first beginner’s yoga class, we recommend that you follow the path of leggings or capri pants. This is because you’ll first need to get used to doing the poses and learn how to do them properly. Wearing long, elastic pants (like jazz pants) is not recommended for beginners, as you can walk on the hem as you move from one pose to the next, although this is not a big problem and can be easily solved. Wearing tight socks will make it easier to control the alignment of your hips, legs and knees with the different yoga positions you practice.

Yoga accessories

We know that the use of a natural pearl mala, a bracelet with lotus flowers or chakra symbols does not make you a yogi. But for some people, wearing yoga inspired jewelry has real meaning and reminds them of their yogic principles.
Choosing to use your favourite symbols, mantras or words around your neck, wrist, chest or earlobe can be a way to honour your love and dedication to yoga and serve to inspire them to continue practicing. Just don’t let these yoga props get in the way of your practice. We have found many beautiful examples of yoga inspired jewelry that can only convince even skeptics to try to “use” their yoga. Follow the guide to yoga bracelets in this article: https://univers-yoga.com/guide-bracelet-yoga/

T-shirts, sleeveless shirts, tops and bras

Most women prefer to wear cotton and lycra (spandex) T-shirts when doing yoga. On the one hand, it is easier to cool down because of the cut. On the other hand, these T-shirts fit perfectly and therefore absorb sweat faster and more efficiently. Spandex shirts are generally not recommended for yoga, as they tend to make movement difficult, especially if they are not made of elastic material. Especially in curves and inversions of the back, they can hang over the face and increase the difficulty of movement. Some yogis use mid-height bras when doing yoga because they make it easier for students to see the angle of their back and arms when doing the poses. Underwire bras are not recommended for yoga sessions because they also inhibit movement. In addition, a normal bra with hooks in the back can sink into the spine during floor exercises. Instead, choose a T-shirt with built-in pads and use a material that absorbs sweat. Otherwise, a sports bra and a tank top that can be removed if the work is too hot are just as good.

Gloves and socks

Yoga is commonly practiced with bare hands and feet. However, some people prefer to wear socks (or footwear) and gloves when doing yoga, usually to get a better grip on the surface of the mat they are using. Foot gloves used for yoga are usually cut at the toes. Wearing hand gloves can also be helpful for those with sweaty palms to prevent slipping. If you plan to wear gloves or socks, choose those that are lightweight and made of stretchy material. Ideally, these socks and gloves have rubberized handles or small dots that prevent you from slipping on the carpet.

Things to consider when buying women’s yoga clothing

Although the different types of yoga have many elements in common, you should keep in mind the style of yoga you are practicing when buying women’s yoga clothing. For Bikram yoga (hot yoga), you may opt for shorter socks and sleeveless tops. For slower, less vigorous yoga styles (such as Vinyasa), you can wear long skirts and stretchy Harlem pants. In addition to the style of yoga, here are a few other factors to consider when buying yoga clothing. If you don’t know the style of yoga you practice, you can always read this french article: Type of yoga.

Materials, comfort and fit

Comfort is the top priority when choosing women’s yoga clothing, or any other type of clothing for that matter. However, this does not mean that you can choose just any outfit that feels comfortable for your workout. You also need to consider the materials used and how they fit. For yoga, you should choose clothing that stretches well and fits you a little better, so that you and your instructor can better monitor your movements. As mentioned, one of the best material combinations for yoga clothing can be cotton and lycra, as cotton absorbs sweat very well and lycra is very stretchy. One thing that yoga blogs don’t really tell you is to pay attention to the thickness of the material in relation to your underwear. Even black leggings, if they are too thin and not made of a good material, become almost transparent. So you may want to consider buying undergarments that are not too showy and printed, and that fit tight enough to avoid discomfort and VPL (i.e. visible panty lines).