Choose the right sportswear for your training

Depending on your training, its intensity or weather conditions, you will need to dress accordingly. We have some little advice.

Choose the appropriate sports clothing for your training.

The best sportswear is designed to ensure the most enjoyable training possible.

Wearing appropriate sports clothing can help you stay relaxed and serene during exercise.

After completing the training, you are tired and perhaps covered in sweat. The clothes you wear for a session in the room can determine how you feel after exercise. There are many factors that determine your comfort during sport, ranging from the fabric you use and their suitability for the type of exercise you want to do.

Choose sweatproof fabrics

Some fabrics are designed to absorb sweat while others release sweat during exercise. Therefore, choose the fabric that will match the intensity of your training.

It needs to breathe

Several breathable fabrics are used to wick sweat away from the skin, allowing sweat to evaporate quickly and keep your body at its peak. Some fabrics are made of fabrics that contain polypropylene or Spantex, which is the best for exercise with sweat control. These clothes evaporate sweat from the skin and do not make you feel sticky and uncomfortable.

About cotton

Cotton pants and tops absorb perspiration and do not allow it to escape and evaporate quickly. This is why cotton sportswear can be thick and wet during exercise.

Well-fitting sports clothing

To ensure that your workout clothes fit your body and the training you have planned, consider these few tips:

Tips for sportswear adapted to your body

Fitted fabrics, such as leggings that wick away perspiration, are best for activities such as yoga or pilates.
In general, avoid wearing clothing that hinders your activity.

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Outdoor exercises

Hot weather

Be sure to wear fabrics that will make your skin breathable and wick away sweat during the hot summer months. Wear calm and comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely.


In cold weather, it seems obvious to dress warmly. However, remember that exercise will increase your body temperature. Dress in a few easy to remove layers and make sure your clothes are warmer than the outside temperature. Make sure that the inner layer is covered with a sweat absorbing fabric and an insulating layer. Finally, make sure that certain parts of your body, such as your hands and head, are covered to protect you from the cold.

In rainy weather

It is easy to get soaked during training in case of rain and strong winds. Dress in a breathable fabric and an outer fabric that protects you from the rain. Pay attention to weather conditions when exercising outdoors and dress accordingly.