The best sports for us, women

Most women practice sports to maintain their bodies and to feel good. There are those who do physical activities to stay healthy. But it is possible to meet women who participate in sport out of passion and a desire to compete. But what type of sport is most practiced ? What are the recommended sports for us, women?

Choose a sport according to several criteria

So far, there are no official rules specifying that a particular sport is forbidden for either a man or a woman. However, during tournaments and competitions, competition is carried out between people of the same gender. Whatever the reason for starting to practice sports, it is not difficult to choose which discipline to practice. On the one hand, we must get acquainted with our physical abilities as well as our personality.

Are you a methodical and calm person? It is advisable to turn to precision sports. These often require a great deal of organization and careful planning in order to win.

Are you an independent person who is not very familiar with constraints? If you are not prepared to follow a fixed training program or a strict line of conduct, switch to individual sports. This type of woman should favour sports that are pressure-free and do not require you to achieve specific performances. Relaxing sports are best for them.

Are you an overactive woman? You are not afraid of a challenge? You have no difficulty in combining family and professional life and do not have the syndrome of the overworked woman, you can easily turn to team sports. These will boost your competitive spirit and your sense of tenacity. These women can also enjoy endurance sports.

Nevertheless, it is important to take your health into account before starting a new sport. For women with fragile health, medical advice is sometimes recommended.

Recommended sports activities for women

You’ve defined your profile as a woman, it’s time to choose the sport that’s best for you. Here are different types of sports to practice sports as a woman:

Rock climbing

For the most daring and those who are not afraid of heights, climbing is a sport to be tried. Of course, it is not about climbing mountains without preparation. It is always necessary to precede this type of activity with varied training to ensure the body’s endurance. This sport works the muscles of the arms and legs, but also coordination. You can practice it in the great outdoors or in specialized rooms.

Yoga and Pilates

These two types of sports are mostly practised by women. The first one is ideal to fight the stress of everyday life through various postures, ideally in leggings. These can be complex or not, but their aim is to relax your muscles and discover yourself by letting go.
Pilate, on the other hand, is a more advanced method that will help to strengthen the silhouette. This sport is also useful to relax and gain more self-control. You can use a variety of equipment such as balls, fries or just a mat. The movements are slow, but the exercises are short enough to give your mind a break.

Walking and running

This activity is enjoyed by both men and women. In fact, its benefits are numerous, ranging from improving heart health to maintaining a healthy physique.
If you want to burn calories, running is the best choice. Outdoors, it will be even more enjoyable to do. You will be able to enjoy the scenery while benefiting from clean air. A regular session of 30 to 45 minutes is enough to help you refine and strengthen your whole body. This practice, which has many benefits, should be combined with a healthy and balanced diet to multiply the results.


Take care of your heart and strengthen your lower limbs by choosing to cycle. In case you are not the type of woman to ride the trails and mountains on a touring bike, you can choose the apartment bike.
For a woman, the bike is ideal for working on her endurance. At the same time, you will improve blood circulation. Do you have cellulite? Cycling is the best way to get rid of it. On the other hand, it is recommended to practice sports at a regular pace to see the effects quickly.


Many women enjoy relaxing at the pool. However, it is possible to adopt this activity as a sport. The types of swimming will affect your posture, your appearance and your health. You should bring a professional to accompany you if you want to swim professionally. Certain movements, if performed improperly, can lead to a variety of inflammations.
You can also opt for aquagym to tone your body with simple, fluid movements. Being one of the most effective anti-cellulite sports, it is possible to eliminate a lot of calories with this activity.

Martial Arts

While they were mostly the sport of choice for men, many women decided to force their way into the dojos. Now it is possible to practice judo, taekwondo or French boxing. The latter is more interesting for a woman who will be able to take advantage of her agility in fights. Using fists and feet, this sport will help to build muscles, but most importantly, you will acquire reflexes to defend yourself from potential aggressors.

Racquet sports

Tennis, badminton and squash are very suitable for women. In addition to being fun, this type of activity will sculpt the whole body and increase endurance. Racquet sports will also develop a woman’s concentration, responsiveness and dexterity.