Post-lockdown workout: still at home?

With the restrictive measures related to the Coronavirus, working out at home has been a challenge that we have all had to take up. According to the data from the latest Odoxa barometer for RTL and Groupama published on 29th March 2020, 89% of the French men and women who responded to the survey understood the restrictive sports measures… However, this hasn’t prevented them from taking part in regular physical activity, including a weekly practice for 41% of them. Moreover, workout is one of the favourite sports for keeping in shape, as it was practised by 27% of the survey participants. Here are a few tips to help you gradually resume your sports habits.

Build muscle with activities adapted to your personality

Whether you are an active, methodical, independent, creative or shy woman, take advantage of the post-confinement period to get out and finally choose the sport that suits you, to finally get that push up legging you want to. To better motivate yourself, know that there are many sports that are suitable for your profile and personality. For methodical women whose rigor, precision and organization are the key words, martial arts such as taekwondo, windsurfing and fencing are perfect for building muscle. For those who are hyperactive by nature, there is nothing like running, swimming, cycling or brisk walking to expend the excess energy that drives them.
As for independent women, it’s best to favour solitary activities such as walking, kayaking or hiking. For the more shy, it is better to learn to express yourself with belly dance, contemporary or African dance classes. And if you’re an anxious woman, yoga is the best way to fight stress while sculpting your muscles through many complex postures.

Outdoor sports to build muscles in nature

Tired of staying home to train? Be reassured, because you will finally be able to go out during the deconfinement, but this, while taking care to respect the security rules so as not to catch the virus. In any case, outdoor sports are a great way to build up your muscles and get consistent results. Among the most effective disciplines, “slacklining” consists of playing the apprentice tightrope walker where you will walk on a semi-elastic strap placed 40 or 60 cm above the ground.
This will be an opportunity to correct your posture, improve your balance, but also to target your deep muscles, because to keep your balance, you will tend to sheathe your abdominal muscles. How about Urban training, an innovative sport where all you need is a pair of running shoes, leggings and a pair of training pants for knee bends, running and jumping in an urban setting to strengthen your cardio, build up your core and build up your muscles.

Playful workout with team sports

After these long months of loneliness, team sports such as basketball, volleyball or football are practical for regaining a social life in a friendly and playful atmosphere. And we take advantage of this opportunity to build up our calves because they are ports that also work this part of the body.
For example, it only takes one hour of basketball to burn 600 calories and use the muscles of the legs, thighs, abdominals, shoulders and arms. Since it is a hyper-physical sport, you will find it easier to relax, gain strength, power and speed. With volleyball, on the other hand, you use all your muscle mass to gain flexibility and make skillful movements to catch or return the ball.

Building muscle with combat sports

Particularly effective for letting off steam, combat sports can be adapted to all levels and physical conditions. However, the advice of a sports coach is essential to avoid doing just about anything, as there is a real risk of injury. To get out of the monotony, opt for English boxing, karate, MMA (mixed martial arts) or judo classes. And to have the strength you need to fight an opponent, the advice of your personal coach will help you work your muscles with a variety of training methods, whether it be body weight, cast iron weights, elastic bands or machines.

The gym to get back into good habits

Whether you want to do circuit training, Zumba sessions or use the increasingly high-performance machines, the gym remains an essential address to build up your muscles quickly and efficiently. We therefore take advantage of the post-confinement period to look good and resume our sessions in the gym. Among the basic activities to do in the gym, fitness is particularly effective for working all the muscles of the body with rhythmic and coordinated movements by experienced coaches.
Even more interesting, aquatic activity sessions run smoothly while you use the resistance force of the water to draw your muscles. Aquabiking, aquajogging and stretching are also perfect for recovering from injury, which is interesting for those who have had some misadventures while training solo during confinement.

Since all preventive measures have been put in place for a safe return to normal life, take the opportunity to get out of the house and do the sports activities you’ve always dreamed of doing. Indeed, it is time to make the best resolutions and all means are good to lose the fat accumulated during confinement, build up dry muscle mass and sculpt your figure. And when your schedule won’t allow you to go out to train, it’s entirely possible to continue building muscles at home with the good old methods of workout at body weight.